Sunday, February 20, 2011

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Great Simmello: Delete

Good Sunday to all!
Here I am again, we are ready for disposal. Before I begin, however, give you a couple of news, not really beautiful.
I discovered on Saturday that tomorrow the start of new courses at the university, and I say discovered because I had to start Wednesday, but times have changed just yesterday = _ =
And precisely because of these new times, I have to announce that, if so far have failed to comply with all the weeks of my intention to update every Sunday, I have a strong hunch it will not be so: they are the university every day and I must also complete 300 hours of training by the middle of March (they are at an altitude of 130 -_-'). I'm home alone on Tuesday and Friday in which, however, understand that the work so my time is very short: (((
will try to do the best I can, however, because I was glad to be on time !
What will the next update then? So today we are removing and then next week I should do it also to prepare the special. At best, will post one day late because during the week and there on my boyfriend: D
Blackdrift is processing ... in having to spend at least 8 hours a day at the internship going slowly but I hope to post soon!
Well, that said I leave you to eliminate, read well under the cut ^ _ ^

Eliminating this time is very simple ... just indicate the name of the person be deleted in a xommento anonymous.
However, two things: HOLLY-

can not be named as the favorite last-AURELIO
elimination can not be appointed as soon as entered (I have always respected this rule even when it was not specified)
-CUMBRIA CHILDREN AND ARES can not be appointed as non-competitors game

The participant most votes will be immediately taken out of the house and moved by the friendly Moreen AND BRING IT 'BACK CHILDREN allowing for more fast loading of the game .... but above all ....

The deleted will not be replaced by any sim
. Well yes sir, we are finally on the home straight: we approach (slowly) the conclusion of "reality" by eliminating one by one the remaining competitors in the race ... the last one left will be our winner! !

This time there will be no preferred state because, in virtue of the fact that we are approaching the end alal, there will be more "protected" or "without prejudice to the start" and Dalal all upcoming phase will be risk ^ _ ^

Very well, I seem to have been clear enough, obviously doubts or concerns just ask in a comment ... waiting for your anonymous comment with the name of the contestant to eliminate.

Voting will close on Saturday, February 26, do not forget it!
A big kiss to everyone!


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